Premier Social Adult Day Services helps seniors achieve a high level of physical, mental, psychological and social wellbeing. Premier Social Adult Day Services provide stimulating physical, cultural and social activities. These activities are intended to enhance the participant’s feeling that they are part of a larger dependable and stable community to improve their physical and mental health.

It’s never too late to strike items off your bucket list! More and more seniors in America are traveling solo. Although the thought can be intimidating, traveling alone allows you to interact with the locals and enjoy your independence and alone time.

Here are four options solo travelers can consider:

1. Voluntourism – a way to learn while traveling. Trips can last anywhere from a few days to months. You’ll find that the skills you’ve developed will prove extremely useful across the globe. Pick an organization from,, or

2. Hosteling – Hostels are a low-cost and community-centric alternative to hotels for seniors. Most hostels offer a range of accommodations – mixed or single-sex dorms and private rooms. Check –,,,

3. Hosted Accommodations – This allows you to enjoy the advantages of solo travel without being so alone. Couchsurfing International ( is a global network of people who offer a spare room or just a sofa for free to travelers. AirBnB ( is also worldwide and hosts charge per night.

4. Special Interest Tours and Cruises – Find a niche tour or cruise by entering “[your hobby/interest] + tours or cruises” into your Google search bar and surf the options. A niche cruise would be the perfect travel solution for a first time solo traveler – book a private cabin with a community of people who share your interest. Check the following links:,,,…/01/5-reasons-to-travel-to-cuba-in-2…,

Airline Safety for Seniors
If you’re planning to go ahead with your solo-tripping, another thing to keep in mind is your safety and passenger rights while flying. Here’s a quick rundown:

Easier, Faster Screening: Adults above 75 years can leave on their shoes and a light jacket during the screening process.

Medical Conditions: The TSA site shares important information for older adults who have disabilities or health conditions that require special equipment or medication.

FAA Approved Oxygen Concentrator: Passengers who require oxygen must work with the airline ahead of time. You might need a note from the prescribing physician to share with the TSA agent.

Wheelchairs and Electric Carts: Experts say to book ahead of time, and confirm the same on the day before your flight.

Finally, apply for the TSA pre-check. A senior will undergo a routine background check, complete with fingerprinting. If approved, you can speed through TSA checkpoints for the next five years!

Safe travel, and have a great journey!

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