Recapturing One’s Youth

There are several actions one could take to, if not reverse the aging process, slow it down, according to WebMD. If one utilizes some of these suggestions, one will not only look younger but feel younger too. Premier Social Adult Day Services is a long- time advocate of these methods.

The single most effective action one can do, which can even reverse some of the damage done to the system, is to quit smoking. Smoking has been linked to a plethora of ills that befall a person, such as heart disease, lung disorders, and even premature death. Quitting immediately is in everyone’s best interest.

If you must drink, drink in moderation. Alcohol adversely affects the liver and damages the genes around it. One glass a day is plenty.

Make sure to get plenty of sleep. As one gets older, sleep becomes more necessary in order to meet the body’s demands, as well as refreshes one’s mind and spirit. A thirty -minute nap is recommended for septuagenarians and those that are older.

Avoiding foods that contain saturated fats, such as cake and ice cream, is a good idea for everyone especially, those that are advanced in years. People 65 and older should have a diet rich in Omega 3 fats, which are contained in fish, and supplemented by whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Although it is highly recommended that one does not overeat and become obese, it is critical that those older do not partake in more food than they need. Losing weight will ensure that there is less of a toll on their body.

One should make a handful of vitamins and minerals a part of their daily intake. The American Medical Association, an organization not known for endorsing supplements and new age medical treatment, has recently, for them, gone out on a limb, and advocated for taking a daily multivitamin. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are particularly effective for the elderly. Make sure you speak to your doctor to determine the right ones to take and in what dosage.

Two of the next elements in making one feel and look younger is the hardest to implement. One should be an optimist. Being an optimist helps one in critical times see things in a more favorable light. Studies have shown that even people who are forgetful, can look past this and don’t ever refer to themselves as having a ‘senior moment.’ They view getting older as just a regular fact of life and with the general knowledge that one acquires, comes the onset of several challenges.

The next suggestion is equally as difficult. Author Laura Berman Fortgang writes in her best -selling book, Living your Best Life, “Be future-minded. Guilt and regrets are part of the past. Evolving and changing is how we stay young.”

Don’t be afraid to take on new tasks and challenges. Remember you might have a limited time on this earth, so make the best of it by being the most productive and resourceful that you can. This could mean tackling the technological side (computers) or taking a daily walk in the countryside, learning any new skill that provides enjoyment and meaning or taking an internship.

A doctor once told me that when I get older I should never, ever, retire. He jokingly remarked about an aphorism that he learned when he was very young. “Retirement is a contagious, debilitating disease.” People need a purpose and reason to get up every morning. An alternative is to cut down on one’s working life and spending more time with the family. To fully remove oneself from the working world is not advisable.

In short, there are several ways one could lengthen their life and make it more meaningful. If you take even some of these suggestions, which are offered at the Premier Social Adult Day Services, you will almost guarantee a richer, fuller life.



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