Amazing Activities for Seniors

Premier Social Adult Day Services helps seniors achieve a high level of physical, mental, psychological and social wellbeing. Premier Social Adult Day Services provide stimulating physical, cultural and social activities. These activities are intended to enhance the participant’s feeling that they are part of a larger dependable and stable community to improve their physical and mental health.

How great would it be to be able to learn skills reserved for post-secondary education, without actually setting foot on a campus? offers just that!

Coursera is a website featuring post-secondary courses in subjects such as business, engineering, computer technology, medicine, social science from top global academic institutions. Most courses are free to take – watching lecture videos and presentations, doing readings, holding discussions with fellow-students and completing assignments and quizzes – and some even count as credits towards completing a degree!

Follow these three steps to get an education on Coursera:
1. Sign up for a free account and choose the subject fields you’re interested in.
2. Pick the courses you want to take, and decide whether you want accreditation from them, or just the knowledge.
3. Get down to studying!

Moreover, seniors can participate in other fun activities that help positively build a healthy routine. From personal experience, we are all aware that getting started on a routine is always easy; it’s the consistency that becomes challenging. Reasons for this vary: it either becomes too strenuous or too boring.

This is why it’s important to start off with a fun activity – when the activity is fun, the exercise won’t be treated as a chore. You can try a range of things based on what interests your loved ones – and occasionally join in with them as well! Doing household activities or even gardening, or outdoor tasks like volunteering at a community center is exciting and fun, and seniors are guaranteed to be more enthusiastic about it than regular exercise.

Walking and water aerobics are some examples of activities that give you the opportunity to socialize while working out. According to experts, if you can’t carry a conversation during the exercise, you’re probably going too fast.

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